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Creating a collaborative learning experience


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Creating a collaborative learning experience

We supported a group of entrepreneurs in shaping, conceptualising and designing an innovative learning platform to create and support a global community of lifelong learners in a collaborative digital learning experience.


Creating a collaborative learning experience

We worked together with the client to understand and re-frame the opportunity starting from shaping their vision on the future of learning and harmonising user needs, business needs and technological constraints into a visionary but viable concept. We defined a value proposition, archetypes and experience principles as a foundation for the product concept.

Building the basis for implementation

We defined the journey for trainers and learners and designed the product concept to support them in achieving their educational goals by offering tools, features, functionalities, content and curated resources to allow users to interact and engage. The concept helped our client to fine-tune the business and go-to-market strategy while defining a roadmap for implementation.

Testing and refinement

A user-centered approach was followed throughout, starting by understand user needs to define the value proposition and testing the concept with a select group of users to further refine and implement changes based on insights.